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Student Parking

Student parking passes are available for 2023-2024 school year.

The main student parking lot is sold out. Pebble Beach Student Parking Lot is currently available.

How to Register

Online registration for student parking passes at Hershey High School is now open. Juniors and seniors wishing to park on campus must carefully review the “Student Driver Rules and Regulations Agreement” document that is on the parking registration form and accessible below in pdf format. Eligible and registered juniors and seniors will be assigned a numbered tag (for the Main Student Lot or Pebble Beach Lot), but not a numbered spot. Students must park in the lot assigned. 

Student Parking Registration Form

Student Driver Rules and Regulations Agreement

You will be required to sign in to Google using your Derry Township student credentials in order to register.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Mr. Grudi. 

Important Codes and Policy

School Code:

24 P.S. Section 779.  Vehicle Rules and Regulations and Penalties for Violations.--(a)  The board of school directors of any school district may make rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of the Vehicle Code or any local ordinance for the admission, control and movement of vehicles and the parking thereof on school property.

Vehicle Code:

Title 75 § 3353.  Prohibitions in specified places. (c)  Property owner may remove vehicle.--The owner or other person in charge or possession of any property on which a vehicle is parked or left unattended in violation of the provisions of subsection (b) may remove or have removed the vehicle at the reasonable expense of the owner of the vehicle. Such person who removes or has removed a vehicle left parked or unattended in violation of the provisions of subsection (b) shall have a lien against the owner of the vehicle, in the amount of the reasonable value of the costs of removing the vehicle plus the costs of storage. Any city, borough, incorporated town or township may, by ordinance, provide for rates to be charged for removal of vehicles and for municipal regulation of authorized towing services.

DTSD Right to Search (Board Policy No. 226):

School officials and local police regularly patrol the student parking lot. Vehicles on school property are subject to searches. Search and seizure procedures may be assisted with the use of K-9 unit under the authority of the Derry Township Police Department. Such procedures or items seized may be used as evidence against students in disciplinary, juvenile or criminal proceedings. Registration for a parking pass constitutes agreement for the vehicle to be searched and any items seized as deemed necessary.