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Dual Enrollment is a program that allows a high school student to concurrently enroll in postsecondary courses and to receive both secondary and postsecondary credit for that coursework. 

The dual enrollment program offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses, at a local higher education institution, to earn college credits at a reduced tuition. The college courses help students meet their high school graduation requirements while allowing them to get a jump on their college careers by participating in campus or online college courses. At the same time, students remain enrolled at Hershey High School and have full access to high school activities and programs. Students assume responsibility for the cost of tuition, enrollment fees, and transportation.

Students must meet the requirements of both the higher institution and Derry Township. Please see your school counselor to discuss your eligibility to enroll and earn college credit while still in high school. More information on dual enrollment can be found within the Educational Planning Guide:

Students planning on enrolling in a dual-enrollment course should first complete the dual enrollment course approval form prior to registering for the college course. The counseling department will review the submitted request for dual-enrollment to ensure the established criteria has been met. Arrangements made independently will not be considered “for credit” on a student’s Hershey High School Transcript if the dual-enrollment form is not completed.

Dual Enrollment Checklist

Dual Enrollment Packet

College in the High School

Harrisburg University:

By enrolling in the CiHS Dual Enrollment courses you are eligible to receive transferable credit from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology (HU) which holds Middle States Accreditation. Students have the opportunity to take an AP class and simultaneously earn college credits through Harrisburg University through a financial obligation to the student and family; doing so, a student would forgo taking the AP exam in May.  

In general, the acceptance of transfer credits is up to the accepting institution and is dependent on many factors. The standard procedure is that the accepting university will review the course description and syllabus to determine equivalency to a course at the requested university. Credits can be accepted as an equivalent course or as elective credits at their discretion. It is highly recommended that you contact the institution to verify how they will accept the credits. HU will work with you if the receiving university requests additional information. Also, please note you can access the National Student Clearinghouse with your social security number.  

Courses offered by Harrisburg University are designated throughout the educational planning guide with the symbol:

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology - Wikipedia

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC):

Hershey High School offers HACC Intro to Business and HACC Accounting II. Students have the option to enroll in these courses for only HS credit or to earn HS credit and college credit through HACC. If a student is interested in earning college credit, they are responsible for completing the HACC application and paying for the cost of the course through HACC.


  • To be eligible to leave the Hershey High School campus for study at a local, accredited college/university, a student must:
  • Be a junior or senior in good standing
  • Have a GPA of 3.0+ (cumulative have no major attendance or discipline indiscretions. Applicants’ discipline and attendance records will be reviewed by the administration. Students who, within the previous calendar year, have been issued a letter citing attendance issues and/or have been suspended from school will not be eligible for release from the Hershey High School campus for college course work.
  • No costs will be incurred by the Derry Township School District (tuition, textbooks, lab fees, registration, transportation)
  • The administration may revoke the privilege to leave the Hershey High School campus for college course work based on conduct or attendance issues that surface after coursework has begun.